We’ve Made the Tabloids, Folks!

They say any publicity is good publicity, but after seeing this headline in The New York Post yesterday afternoon, I wasn’t so sure! It does make me laugh, though, every time I look at it or even think about it … in fact, I’m thinking about having a T-shirt or poster made of it!


That story was a spin-off from a less exclamatory story in MarketWatch, one of the financial arms of the Wall Street Journal /Dow Jones.

Now, I’m not posting these links to brag; rather, I see this as simply confirmation that more and more people are interested in Mexico as a viable option to their retirement years. And with the current political climate in the US, there are more and more younger people, too, wanting to leave the country. People are questioning their values, what matters, how they want to live and what feels safe. And – where can they afford to live anymore? That’s a biggie, of course, for most people. My story, and those of the other contributors in the book, speak to all of this, and I’m happy and satisfied to be able to provide some answers and even solutions to these concerns.

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