About the Book

Mexico – the land of beautiful sunsets, endless beaches, an incredibly low cost of living and a super-relaxed lifestyle – is what vacation dreams are made of. But for many, Mexico has become home and they can’t imagine living any other way. How did they do it? And why? This book tells you how, with 27 stories from a cross-section of women who made the move and couldn’t be happier. They’re from all walks of life, from all over America, and settled throughout Mexico: in the fabled colonial cities, the coastal tropics, the beachfront tourist towns, the mountain villages. They’re all ages; married, single and widowed; raising kids, working or retired. Some are “newbies,” with only a year or two under their expat belts, while others have stopped counting the years as their life in Mexico has become their norm.

Yet one thing is the same for all: an unflagging happiness – with no regrets – at their decision to move.

Whether living in Mexico is an idea you can’t let go of, or something you’ve never really considered, Why We Left will inspire you to remember that life is for living and being happy is really what it’s all about.

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